What You Should Not Post On Social Media About Your Child

Keep track of what your child is posting on social media with a spy texts app.
Protect your child's privacy on social media.

I’m sure you already know about some of the dangers of the Internet. If your child is on social media, they could be exposed to online bullying and inappropriate content. That’s why I think parents should use a spy texts app to see what their kids are doing. Did you know that could putting them at risk with some of your own posts, though? Like many of us, you probably have at least a hundred friends on Facebook, and some of them might as well be strangers. Do you really want them to know about your child’s personal life? To preserve your child’s privacy, here are a few things you shouldn’t post.

Group Shots With Their Friends

It’s one thing if you decide to upload a photo of your child to the Internet. But some parents are very strict about keeping pictures of their kids off of social media. It’s also just not a good idea to broadcast who your child is friends with. Some adults could use this information in nefarious ways.

Embarrassing Photos

Don't post photos that may embarrass your child.
If you have a photo that might embarrass your child, don’t post it.

We all have a few embarrassing moments from our childhood that we’d rather not relive. It also wasn’t as easy to take photos back then. With today’s technology, it might seem fine to take and post embarrassing photos of your child that you think are cute. Once they realize that it’s up on social media, though, they’ll probably feel humiliated. You can also make sure your child isn’t posting any inappropriate pictures themselves with spy texts software. Otherwise, these photos could live on the Internet and follow them for the rest of their lives.

Anything With Their Full Name

Remember how personalized clothing and backpacks phased out because of the possible dangers associated with them? The problem hasn’t gone away. Identity theft is becoming more and more common, and you don’t want to put your child at risk. Plus, some shady people out there could look up their name and try to track them down.

Photos With Distinct Locations

Speaking of tracking someone down, it’s a lot easier when someone has a distinct location to go by. So, make sure you don’t post any photos of your child at their school, or even local monuments and parks, malls, and other attractions. You don’t want to give online predators a chance to find your child in the real world.

Besides these tips, you can also trim your Facebook friends list down to only people you know well. It’s better if you restrict it to close friends and family members. In addition, you can change your privacy settings so your posts will be hidden from anyone who isn’t on your friends list.