Social Media Friends Are Great For Introverted Kids

Let your child be friends with kids they talk to on social media platforms.
Kids can use social media platforms to make friends.

A lot of people say that social media friends aren’t actual friends. Some believe they take away from friendships in real life. But for some kids, friends they make on social media platforms can be a great way to talk with peers who share their interests. My son loves science and technology, but his classmates don’t. Before he went on social media, my son didn’t have many friends at all. His dad and I were worried about him because even though he’s a bright and social kid, he didn’t have a lot of friends. And he didn’t get invited to sleepovers or birthday parties, either.

In our area, children who aren’t interested in sports aren’t very popular. But once my son went on Facebook and Twitter, he started to connect with other kids who share his passion for building things, finding out how they work, and other hobbies like Star Wars and robotics. Those friendships filled in the gaps and gave him the social connections he needed.

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My son still does well in school and isn’t disliked local peers. They just don’t share his interests. So without his friends on social media platforms, he wouldn’t have anyone to talk about his favorite TV shows or work on projects with. He talks to his friends both online and when they play video games together, using Xbox and Twitch. He even built a robot with his best friend, who lives four states away, by using Skype on his tablet. They’d video chat with each other in their garages and build things at the same time.

Computers and technology can bring kids together.
On social media, children can easily bond over mutual interests.

So, if you have a child who doesn’t really fit in where you live, but you can’t afford to just pick up and move, social media is a wonderful outlet. It’s great for kids who need to talk to others with the same interests. And if people tell you that you’re being a bad parent by allowing your child to spend time on social media platforms, don’t listen to them. Online friends can help children learn about the connections and interactions they need to build strong friendships. Just because they don’t live nearby, doesn’t mean they aren’t really your child’s friends.

Of course, you should always keep an eye on your child when they’re using technology. But there’s nothing wrong with your child going online to make friends with the same interests, especially when they can’t find anyone in your neighborhood who does. Just make sure that you’re following the same protocols you’d follow if the friend lived down the street. Talk to their parents and make sure that they really are who they say they are. Once you’re confident that they really are one of your child’s peers, let them be friends.