Parenting Tips: How to Monitor Your Kids’ Social Media Activities

We already know how kids are exposed to social media nowadays. It’s becoming prevalent that even kids during pre-teen years are very much involved with activities in different social media platforms. They spend so much time with their phones that it influences their mindset, their reasoning, and the way they view things. As parents, it is a solemn duty to monitor the factors that are affecting their kids’ development.

Pre-teen to late-adolescent years is usually the interval wherein parents should interfere with the kids’ engagements. They need proper parental guidance, especially on sensitive issues. The social media reaches various subjects around the globe which needs to be explained to the children in a manner that they’d understand. Or else, they might grow up believing things in quite a crooked way.

Here are a few tips on how to monitor your kids’ social media activities without making them feel offended with their privacy:

Set Phone Usage Standards

Lay down a strict rule on regulated phone usage. They must be well aware that you, as a parent, will discipline them in a way that they deserve. If they will disobey your rules. You have to establish a form of trust with your kids. By allowing them to abide by the rules without being nosy all the time. Instill in their minds that the main purpose of providing them with a phone is to be able to contact them in case of emergencies. Using their phones for entertainment is also permissible only after they’ve accomplished their responsibilities. Be clear on the punishment you’re going to apply if and when they choose not to comply.

Communicate During Meals

Ask them about how their day went. Your kids need to know that you care about what happened to them during the day and if there are things they would like to share about school or anything interesting. You can smoothly ask if they learned something new from the internet. Let them know that you are observing them and their phone engagement. Encourage them to open up to you. Talking to them during meals is one way to let them speak with ease without their phones on their faces. This way, you can examine what builds up your kids’ thoughts.

Use a Spy Phone App

You can use a cell phone spy software that will allow you to limit your child’s internet usage, block prohibited sites, and monitor their actual social media engagements. You can simply install the software on their phones, you can inform them about the said arrangement in order for them to be aware that they are being watched.


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