I Encourage My Kids To Use Social Media

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I know that most parents think their kids use social media too much and try to get their kids to stop using it. But I encourage my kids to use social media and use the latest tech. They’re not on it all the time, but I don’t mind if they are every day. People may call me a bad parent but I don’t care. I’m making sure that my kids are prepared for their futures. They are going to be expected to be familiar with social media. In order to do well as they grow up they are going to have to know how to handle themselves safely and responsibly online.

Not All Fun And Games

A Helping Hand May Be Necessary

Of course I do have some rules that they have to follow when they’re using social media. They’re just kids and they are going to make mistakes so they need rules and limits. But if I don’t give them some freedom when it comes to social media they will never learn how to police their own behavior.

If you are constantly checking everything that your kids post on social media and not giving them any freedom or leeway in what they post then you’re not teaching them how to make good choices on social media. You’re just training them to do what you say. You should be giving your kids the freedom to make some bad choices.

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Learning Together Is Good

I’m not saying that you shouldn’t check your child’s social media. Of course you need to be checking who they are friends with and who they are messaging (with the help of some Best Cell Phone Spy Apps!) along with what kinds of photos they are posting. That’s just common sense for basic safety. But when you set time limits for when they can use social media or restrict them from using social media you are sending the message that social media is a privilege that you can take away.

Different Is Good

My parenting approach may be unique when it comes to social media. I know that many parents don’t approve of their kids using social media often. But technology is evolving and new things come out everyday. If you really want to prepare your kids for the future you should be teaching them to safely and responsibly use social media by allowing them to explore it and not restricting it. When you allow them to make mistakes they will start to figure out how to use social media as a tool for the future. That will help them get the job of their dreams in the future.