How to Win at Fortnite


Playing Fortnite

Fortnite is the most popular video game now. It’s free-to-play for all, but tons of people are still spending in the game to make their characters look cool. This game is very competitive, and can be very frustrating, you’ll have a hard time winning. And Fortnite is in the middle of a lawsuit right now. The main game mode of Fortnite is called “Battle Royale,” and it’s a 100-man free-for-all.

This makes it very difficult to even win a game. Those that are still waiting to win their first game in the popular video game are going to want to keep reading. While having to beat out 99 other people for the lead of the game may make winning very difficult, it doesn’t mean that it’s impossible. Here are a few tips that people can use in order to finally get their first win. Or you could use a cell phone spy app to see what other players are up to. 

Xbox Controllers For Playing Fortnite

Winning at Fortnite

The biggest mistake that people make when playing Fortnite is getting hasty and trying to kill all the other players at once. You reduce your chance of beating 99 other players if you try and take them all on at once. The best thing to do is to wait for some of the other players to start shooting each other before you run into the fray and get killed yourself.

Have Patience

To start, don’t leave the bus at the beginning when all of the other players do. Wait until it approaches the end of the island. Find a remote location to load up on gear and weapons and start moving into position. Wait until the storm starts closing in before you make any aggressive moves, and by that time many of the other players will have killed each other off.

When it comes to the actual gameplay of Fortnite, the most important thing to remember is to aim for the head. Getting a headshot kills the enemy in Fortnite, just like in so many other video games. Remember, when it comes to the shootout, “aim small, miss small.”


Keyboard For Game Playing

Build, Build, Build

Fortnite feels like it definitely drew some inspiration from Minecraft. Users can build walls or ramps as a part of a building or even as a tool in combat is reminiscent of the ever-popular construction game. If you enjoyed this, check out my last post about spotting scammers online