How To Spot A Scammer To Catch a Cheater Today!

Want to catch a cheater? Don't get taken by these online scams!
online dating scams

Usually this blog is strictly about protecting kids from the dangers of modern tech, but I want to switch it up and speak to the adults who might be afraid of internet scams on dating sites.

Internet dating can be a great way to find a partner, but there are unfortunately a lot of scammers on internet dating sites that you need to beware of. Some scammers target those who are looking for love because they think that people looking for romantic partners will be easy prey, or need to catch a cheater. And to an extent they are right, because scammers make off with millions of dollars from unsuspecting victims that they meet on internet dating sites each year. But there are some signs that you can look for that will give you a pretty good indication when someone who messages you on a dating site is a scammer. Here are a few good ways to protect yourself from scammers on dating sites:

Watch Out If Someone Comes On Too Strong

If you exchange a couple of messages with someone on a dating site and they are already telling you that they love you or that they feel a very close connection to you that is a sign that they could be a scammer. Scammers will often try to hurry the relationship along and create an instant intimacy so that they can ask you to send them money or buy them gifts from sites like Amazon. If you get messages from someone that are moving too fast ask to slow things down. If they refuse or if they stop messaging you after you’ve asked them to slow down they probably were trying to scam you. And if they say they’ve always wanted kids on the first date, run!

Their Messages Are Generic

If the person sends you messages that don’t really answer any of your questions or don’t seem related to the conversation that you’ve been having they could be scamming, or trying to catch a cheater. Often scammers type messages from a script designed to win people’s trust and get them to give up their financial information or send money. To make sure that someone isn’t a scammer ask them a very specific question and see if they respond to that question in their next message. If they don’t, it’s likely they are scamming.

They Ask For Money To Come See You

This is the most common way that scammers get money from people on dating sites. They will send you messages and may even send you texts or talk with you on the phone until you think that you two have a solid relationship. Then they tell you that they really want to meet you but don’t have the money to travel to where you are. They might ask you to send money through a wire service or through an online service. But watch out, because that is usually a scam.

They also might tell you that they have had a personal emergency like a car accident or that they are stranded somewhere and need you to send them money to help them get home. If that happens don’t send them any money or give them your financial information like a credit card number. That’s a scam and if you fall for it you could leave yourself open to identity theft or lose thousands of dollars.

Finally, when you want to catch a cheater, these types of scams are usually the biggest red flag.