Foolproof Ways To Get Out Of A Bad Online Date

If you spend any amount of time online dating you’re going to end up going some bad dates. Not a date that is dangerous or unsafe, just one that is boring or unpleasant and never seems to end. It’s, unfortunately, part of the process when it comes to online dating. The good news is that because so many people have had to suffer through bad online dates people have come up with pretty creative ways to end the date and get free. The old escape call where you have a friend or family member call you or text you with an emergency that means you suddenly have to leave is so cliché that most people don’t want to use that method of getting out of a bad date because they know the other person will know it’s a lie. If you want to spare your date’s feelings but still end the date fast here are some ways that other online daters recommend:

Food Poisoning

A classic way to end a date that no one can argue with is to come down with a case of food poisoning. Make sure you wait until after you eat something, then excuse yourself to the restroom. Wait about 10 minutes. During that time you can call an Uber or a friend to pick you up if necessary. Then return to the table and tell your date that whatever you just ate isn’t agreeing with you and unfortunately you have to go home. Your date won’t question you because no one wants to accuse someone of faking being sick. It’s a foolproof way to get out of a boring date.

The Friend Emergency

This is a new twist on the classic escape call. Have a friend call with an emergency and sit there on the phone and talk them through it. Your date will get bored listening to you to talk. Eventually, you can cover the phone, apologize and tell your date that you will need to reschedule and they can leave if they want because you are going to be awhile. Order another drink and sit there on the phone. Your date will leave and you can stay and finish your meal. Ask your friend to come to join you at the restaurant so that you don’t waste the whole night.

Have Your Friends Show Up

Another way that your friends can get you out of a bad date is to have them show up at the restaurant. Text them and let them know you need rescuing and have two or more of your friends come to the restaurant as if they were just going to have dinner there and ran into you. You can apologize to your date and let your friends sweep you away to sit with them and your date will realize the date is over. Make sure you tell your date that you don’t think that you want to see them again though. No need to make them think there is a future for the two of you if there isn’t.