I Buy My Kids The Latest Tech Devices And I’m Not Sorry

Tech allows kids to learn new information and even catch a cheater.
Kids can use tech to learn new things and even catch a cheater.

How often have you heard or read about parents saying that their kids don’t need the latest iPhone or gaming system? It happens daily. There’s a pervasive attitude among parents that technology is something that should be shunned in favor of giving kids a more traditional upbringing. They don’t realize that they can use tech to catch a cheater, research new topics, and keep up with current events.

Well, I completely disagree with these other parents. I’m that mom who’s always buying her kids the newest electronics. Go ahead and hate me. But by embracing technology, my kids are preparing for their futures. Now, that doesn’t mean I let them spend 10 hours a day playing games, chatting online, or texting on their phones. However, I believe it’s important that children aren’t behind the times. So here’s why I insist on buying the latest technology for my kids:

The Future Is Tech

Many fields rely on technology.
In the professional world, technology is mandatory.

When my kids go to college or land their first professional job, they’ll be expected to use the latest technology. They’ll need to understand how the workplace functions in a digital world. Giving them the latest technology is the best way to make sure they have all the skills necessary to compete in the job market. Tech can also help them in their personal lives, by helping them stay in touch with friends and even catch a cheater.

Technology Careers Are High Paying

I want to encourage my kids to have an interest in STEM and technology. The more they understand what tech can do, the more interested they are in science, engineering, programming and other similar fields of study. Additionally, they can study areas that companies depend on for innovative technology solutions, which will help prepare them for high-paying tech jobs.

Screen Time Doesn’t Hurt Kids

That’s right, parents: it turns out that screen time doesn’t negatively impact our children. The American Academy of Pediatrics has actually taken back its recommendation of giving kids less screen time. In addition, studies show that technology is like any other tool for kids. It can be good or bad for them, depending on how it’s used.

Technology Helps Kids Learn

Tech provides immersive experiences.
Kids can completely immerse themselves in technology.

Technology helps kids learn about the world, so it’s not going to damage their education. In fact, tech will enhance it. My kids learn more about the subjects they’re interested in, thanks to technology like the Amazon Echo. They can ask the Echo’s virtual assistant, Alexa, any questions they’re curious about. This lets them learn a lot of new information without having to go online. When used as a learning tool, tech can even help kids prepare for tests. That means you don’t have to worry about getting a call from school saying they had to catch a cheater. Alexa also recommends other books and other activities that my kids might like. Because technology makes education immersive, children can learn more about their interests and hobbies.