4 Times it’s Okay to Give Your Kids Unlimited Tech Time

In most cases, you should moderate electronic use, especially with a text message spy.
When should your kids play video games to their hearts' content? Do you need a text message spy?

My fellow parents, are you worried about giving your kids too much time on their tech gadgets? You’re not alone. While raising my kids, I’ve been limiting when they can use electronics like tablets, iPads, iPhones, and video games. For kids, technology should be used in moderation, especially when social media is concerned. This will teach them how to use technology responsibly and make them more self-sufficient. But, there are a few times when it’s okay to give your kids unlimited tech time for playing video games and using their smartphones. And, with a text message spy app, it’s easy to see exactly what your children are doing on their phones during these times.

On a Plane

Flights are always stressful for families.
Traveling can be a hassle, especially with restless children.

Traveling is stressful for everyone, especially when it involves flying. So make the experience easier for yourself and other passengers on the plane by letting your kids have unlimited tech time during the flight. If your kids are busy watching cartoons with headphones, playing games on a tablet, or listening to music on their smartphone, they’re going to be happier, less scared, and easier to supervise. They also won’t throw tantrums, yell, scream, or annoy everyone in the cabin.

At the Doctor’s Office

Kids don’t like going to the doctor. While most pediatric medical practices have toys and magazines, it’s not always enough to keep your child occupied. All you’re able to do is sit there and wait for what could be a half hour or more. Instead of expecting your kid to sit quietly without any entertainment, you can give them an e-reader with some of their favorite books. Sometimes you have to pick your battles, and the doctor’s office isn’t the place one.

When You Have a New Babysitter

If you’re going out and you have a new babysitter, it’s a great opportunity to let your kids have all the tech time they want. Let them play video games, watch movies on a tablet, or play games on a smartphone. While you’re out, a text message spy app can help you monitor what your kids are up to. Kids are usually hesitant around people that they don’t know well. So, when faced with a new babysitter that they’re unfamiliar with, they may become upset. This means you could get a phone call to come home early. If you give your kids unlimited tech time for just one night, they’ll feel more comfortable and you’ll have a chance for a peaceful night out.

On a Car Trip

Even the most loving families can get on each others’ nerves during long car rides. If you’re planning a summer road trip vacation or if you have a long drive to a relative’s house coming up, don’t limit your kids’ time on their electronic devices. Keeping them entertained while you’re driving isn’t easy, even when you’re just going around town. When you’re heading out on a long trip, it’s nearly impossible. Letting them enjoy their gadgets for a few hours will be a rare treat for them. You can always check their smartphone activity later on with a text message spy app. In addition, you’ll be able to focus on driving and get everyone to the destination safely.